What do I do with my henna paste after it's dry? 

  1. Keep the paste on for a minimum of 3 hours.  Sometimes it will start flaking off, this is okay.  It is not necessary to keep it on beyond 8 hours.  If you are keeping it on over night please wrap it in toilet paper/paper towel and then place a sock over it.  Never use saran wrap or plastic, this could make your henna "bleed". 
  2. Scrape the dry paste off with a butter knife, credit card, or peel it off.  The stain will be orange.
  3. Avoid water for the first 24 hours if possible. 
  4. Watch henna stain mature over the first 48 hours.  The stain will be the darkest color on the second day.
  5. Use baby oil, coconut oil, balm, or other moisturizer or barrier to protect your henna.
  6. It will last two weeks or more depending on after care.

(Below are photos of the stages and how to care for your henna)


  1. Hand sanitizer
  2. Scrubbing
  3. Swimming pools (chlorine)
  4. Exfoliating products

Henna stains the proteins (keratin) in our skin.  Everyone has different levels of keratin and that can create varying levels of stains.


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