Professional henna services for all occasions.



Private Appointments

Private appointments available at my home or a local Annapolis location (mall, coffee shop, your place).  These can be small or large henna designs.  Men, women, or children.  Safe for all ages. 

Henna Parties

Invite me to your next event or host a henna party.  I will come to your group and provide entertainment and beautiful designs for any event.  Celebrate in style.

Bridal Henna

Bridal henna for all budget and size events.  Inquire for more information.




“Christine Cots is an excellent artist, both talented and skilled. She very capably renders the imagination into tangible results, causing art to bloom onto the canvas of your skin. She is also quite versatile, working in a variety of mediums and a multitude of styles, but always with flair and in good taste. She is also blessed with the ability to create a comfortable atmosphere that relaxes her clients and generates trust. I highly recommend this artist for any of your memory-making needs. Especially for pregnant belly painting!!”